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How to Fix “E:Failed to Mount /EFS” for Galaxy S3 I9300

E:Failed to Mount /EFSSometimes when you are trying to repair the IMEI number of your device, you follow bad instructions or by fault you didn’t follow it well, as result of that your device will not boot, still frozen on Samsung logo loop and If you have tried to boot into recovery mode, it will display

E:failed to mount /efs (Invalid argument)

# Manual Mode #
— Appling Multi-CSC…
Applied the CSC-code : Unknow
Succefuly applied multi-CSC.

Wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, install custom ROM and reflash official firmware will not fix it at all.

How to fix E:Failed to Mount /EFS :

  • Download and flash official firmware for your phone.
  • Flash CWM/TWRP recovery and root your device using recovery method by installing UPDATE-SuperSU-vX.XX.zip file.
  • Install ADB on your computer.
  • Boot your device into recovery mode (Vol Up+Home+Power).
  • Connect your device to PC via USB cable wait until windows update the driver.
  • In the recovery mode Choose: “mount and storage > mount /system” CWM , “Mount > System” TWRP.
  • Open ADB command window and type the following cmd:
    adb shell
    mke2fs /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
    mount -w -t ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p3

By following the above cmd, it will create a generic EFS files on your device
Now normally your device will reboot and it should pass Samsung logo.
Your device might display a screen with a yellow text (FactoryMode), follow this tutorial to fix it.

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  1. Jreyesfereira

    It worked perfectly, in a galaxy nexus

  2. I did this in a non samsung device and now my phone wont turn on or fastboot but when i connect it to pc a lot of drivers appear saying they need to be formatted… any help?

  3. I’ve done this on a Bq phone (I didn’t read the Galaxy part) and now my phone won’t turn on. Any help?

  4. please some1 hlp me
    am using SIII SHV E210S and I tried updating manually but I downloaded wrong ROM. and now it failed I want a link to download its previous Firmware cox am having ptoblem getting it. ice_cream sandwich 4.o.4
    Thanks in adavace

  5. how to restore to the old imei no. because my mobile is not registered on network due to imei change,, please help..

  6. Hellp plz help me,
    Facing prblm while booting . I installed dn4 rom im my galaxy s3 19300 by using twrm it installed the rom but when i reboot my device it cannot pass the samsung logo and just stay on it i waited more then hlf n hour but it dsnt install plzz fix my prblm……sorry for my bad english…..

    • Wipe data factory reset from recovery or try another ROM

      • Thanks but as u told, I tried another rom (ressurection remix lp v 5.5.1 ) and the same problem happens it stuck on samsung logo …I tryed to format or mount preload but it failed… the following command displays on screen while installation of remix rom

        Detected file system ext4 for /dev/block/mmcb1k0p9
        Unmount of /system failed ;no such volume script succeeded :result was [0.200000]
        Install from sd card complete

        Plssssssss sir help me……waitng 4 ur rep

  7. thank you very much, you save my phone.. god bless

  8. someone help me fix this generic IMEI 0499xxxxx
    Emergency Calls Only
    No Network
    I have signal

  9. Hey i want to flash a custom rom onto my note 2 n7100.
    I rooted it using odin.
    Downloaded the specific rom zip file.
    Then transfered it to my sd card.
    Went to recovery mode.
    Wiped all data.
    Wiped cached partition.
    Bt thn its showing to update the rom from sd card or adb ( rather than showing install rom from sd card)
    I chosed to go with update rom from sd card.
    The installation of files started but after sumtime it failed. Thn automatically rebooted to my stock rom. Please help.

  10. Hello. I have a problem with my device Samsung GT – N 8000. I’m trying to do everything that you have written but I did not go out.I do not understand the first step. It can be described in detail and with pictures. Next, I set the ADB. I get an error: error device not found. I beg for your help. The last hope only on you. I apologize for my English, I used

  11. hello..i have same problem that u shown at picture
    E:failed to mount /efs (Invalid argument)
    # Manual Mode #
    — Appling Multi-CSC…
    Applied the CSC-code : Unknow
    Succefuly applied multi-CSC.

    I still dont understand that 2nd step (Flash CWM/TWRP recovery and root your device using recovery method by installing UPDATE-SuperSU-vX.XX.zip file.)

    please give detail tutorial to me for my galaxy note II..


  12. Will this work with

    a) Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7105T ?
    b) And if so will it work even though my PC does not recognize it

    I have tried the rebooting and clearing/wiping cache partitions BUT don’t want to wipe of do factory reset because I don’t have a back up – but I will once this is rectified 🙂


  13. Basanta Poudel

    I am having the same error as many users commented— mount: can’t find /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 in /etc/fstab —–If anyone resolved the problem please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi,

    I have a galaxy tab pro 12.2.

    Since it seems that there is no CWM for my tab, I have installed TWRP and root it sucessfully.

    In recovery I don’t have In recovery mode Choose “mount and storage > mount /system” but “apply update from adb”

    My problem is ADB :

    C:\adb>adb shell
    error: closed

    C:\adb>adb start-server
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *

    C:\adb>mke2fs /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
    ‘mke2fs’ n’est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne
    ou externe, un programme exécutable ou un fichier de commandes.

    C:\adb>mke2fs /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
    ‘mke2fs’ n’est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne
    ou externe, un programme exécutable ou un fichier de commandes.

    C:\adb>mke2fs /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
    ‘mke2fs’ n’est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne
    ou externe, un programme exécutable ou un fichier de commandes.

    Thank you very very much in advance 🙂

    • Flash busybox zip file then try it again

      • Thanks.

        I tried to flash busybox with Odin abd tab in download mode but it doesn’t work

        Odin v.3 engine (ID:11)..
        File analysis..
        All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

        I think that Odin do not like zip file ….

        • I have installed busybox from sdcard …

          issue is the same

          C:\adb>adb shell
          * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
          * daemon started successfully *
          error: closed


  15. Hi, i hv installed dn4 rom on my note 2, it installed well bt sim card is not detecting, emei null/null , can anyone help me to fix it?? Can adb fix it??

  16. Guitech Brasil

    Hey Buddy! You´re the man! Thank you very much!

    My soluction in portuguese, why my english is not good:

    Meu Note 2 parava no logo da Samsung e não iniciava. Não podia realizar Wipe Full pois não havia realizado backup há 3 meses. Agora aprendi. heheh

    Além dos procedimentos descritos pelo amigo, utilizei a página abaixo para instalar uma espécie de Recovery para poder utilizar o ADB SHELL que estava dando para mim como ERROR: CLOSED.
    Com isso consegui montar e realizar o procedimento descrito pelo amigo.

    Muito obrigado mais uma vez e espero que ajude mais pessoas.


  17. Tired to repair my wife device within 3 days But when applied to your steps The device works like a charm Thank you so much

  18. Sorry I am new here. My phone suddenly can’t open and stucked on samsung logo. Ang yes there is “E:Failed to Mount /EFS”. I tried factory reset and still nothing happened.

    I am curious if my phone must be ROOTED before i do those steps? because i’m afraid i can’t root my phone now because i can’t able to open my mobile and enable the USB Debugging. please help me.

  19. my device is not found on adb.

    please give me the solution

  20. Heelerg Jammer

    Hi guys, i have this issue and now i’m stuck at poart two: Flash CWM recovery and root your device using recovery method.

    How can I do this while i;m not able to access my phone. It still hangs with message e:falied to mount etc… after i did step 1 flashing official rom…

    need help please.

  21. Thank you so much i was able to fix my note 2.

  22. Hi There ,

    mount: can’t find /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 in /etc/fstab


  23. Worked on my i9300 stucked on samsung logo animation. Thanks a lot!!!!

  24. Hi,

    My phone’s IMEI and Serial has been changed and i can’t send/receive txt/call but my sim is detected. Any solution Sir?

  25. thank you very much for this tutorial!!!

  26. I’m getting this:
    mount -w -t ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
    mount: can’t find /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 in /etc/fstab

    when I enter the command:
    mount -w -t ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p3

  27. my SGS3 I9300 can’t show in adb shell. “error: device not found”

  28. Hi, I have sgs . Shv e210s. I have an issue on boot loader. It says e: failed to mount /system (invalid argument). Is there any way to fix this issue? I tried flashing with stock rom, custom rom, and both kernel still no go. Im not sure if the phone is rooted.

  29. Worked perfectly for Samsung S4 Gt-i9500.Error failed-to-mount-efs(recovery Mode) ,Samsung Logo Stuck.Very good thank u ….

  30. any way for note 2 N7100 ? help me gyus pls !!!

  31. Prashant Khanna

    mount: can’t find /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 in /etc/fstab

    giving me above error. I have Note 2 GT-7100

    Please help.

  32. Thank you.It absoloutely worked.Thanks again.

  33. FUCK YES!
    Managed to save a friend’s S3. Damn they’re going to be happy!


  34. Hi
    please im stuck at “can’t find /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 in /etc/fstab” i really need help. what do i do

    i have Tap-3 SM-T311 3g

  35. Hello… I just want to thank you… THANKS, Thanks, Th4NkZ, THANK you… Have a great day!

  36. tank you jais galaxy note sm-n900 ca a marché
    mais comment on instale et execute adb n’est pas sur se tuto donc ils faut bien suivre les procedure une fois sur le lien pour telecharger adb

  37. Omar Said Altobi

    My God !!
    You are Awesome
    You bring me to life again
    I suffered for more than 10 days
    I have this issue in my note 10.1 and this procedure was succeeded
    Many thanks

  38. hi admin, please im stuck at “can’t find /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 in /etc/fstab” i really need help. what do i do? should i insert an SD card?

  39. For N-5100: install rooted stock 4.1.2 via recovery. Then bootloop. Turn off. Go to recovery. Mount system. Then proceed with adb. (To restore your original IMEI use Octopus Box Samsung.) Goodluck!

    • I managed to repaired the efs problem.. now come another problem.. imei number 0049… cannot registered on the network… is there any other way beside using octopus box?

  40. hi, i had this ‘E:Failed to Mount /EFS’ problem on my gt-n5100(note 8). i stuck on samsung logo. i have tried flashing stock firmware, root via odin, flash philz recovery, then tried ur method, when in adb, after keyed in su, got ‘/sbin/sh: su: not found’.

  41. Hi,

    does it also works @ e:/failed to mount /efs (Stale NFS file handle) without efs backup?!

  42. i think i got the driver problem, its says device offline. whn my phone on CWM, i check on device manager, the SAMSUNG_Android couldnt find the driver.. i try reinstalling it noting happen..

    ADMIN plese helpppp 🙁

  43. hello.. will this work for NOTE8.0 GT-N5100?
    i tried it, but the su command it says /sbin/sh: su: not found

    i rooted already..

    Please help me admin.. thnx

  44. works like a charm! keep up the great work! you guys are really helping a lot of people.

  45. Hi,

    I faced this problem today, but Can’t even flash the phone.

    I tried odin 3.0.7 and followed up the process to upload boot file to phone. It done successfully, but nothing change on phone.

    I tried ADB, but it can’t access device. It seems that something block accessing to device. Can you please help me on this issue?

  46. Hi,
    I got the failed to mount error that you have mentioned in this post. So i have tried your steps, but it failed when i executed:
    “mount -w -t ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p3”
    But somehow (after applying different methods) the phone booted successfully but with no Network and bad IMEI ( 049…)
    I flashed back the stock ROM (I9300XXUGNB6) and no luck. I also tried many other solutions with no hope.
    I think i have a corrupted EFS partition, and i have no EFS backup ( I have a year and half old nandroid backup). How can i fix it?
    Appreciate your contribution and help.

    • I am In the very same situation as you right now!….did you find solution to this problem??

      thank you in advance for your response!

  47. can someone please tell me where i can download the firmware please , i have downloaded the odin programme but somehow cant find firmware without having to pay a small fortune for it . thank any help much appriciated as this is all driving me mad trying to fix my samsung s3

  48. Mate – I cannot thank you enough…Had just about given up on my S3! You saved the day!!!

  49. Work for galaxy ace ?

  50. Everytime i call someone,it says ‘Not registered network’

    How do i fix this problem?

    My phone model is gt i 9300

  51. Thank you Admin

    Everything is ok now and I’ve took the phone to the Samsung agent today.

    It should be ready within 3 days.

    Thanks for all the help and the time spent answering my questions.

    I didn’t fixed the problem by myself but I think I’ve learned a lot from this experience.

    Best regards


  52. Thank you so much, my GT-i9300 is working, fixed corrupted EFS / DATA / SYSTEM

  53. I don’t know if this is related or not
    but when I’m in the recovery mode trying to reboot the phone (CWM)
    There is a message in the bottom reads:
    E: can’t mount /storage/sdcars1


    When trying to reboot there are two option
    1- No
    2- Yes – fix root (/system/xbin/su)

    ^ I’m the same guy with the Build Number I9300XXUGNB6

    • Ok I give up .. I took the phone to repair shop and he told only the Samsung agent can fix it as it require a certain device to fix the iemi

      Now I want to remove the root and the CWM
      Any idea how to do that?

      Thank you

      • Use Odin3 to flash full stock firmware then factory reset from recovery, this will delete the root
        If the current binary isn’t official (download mode), use triangle away before flashing to reset it to official

        • The Download Mode is official but the recovery mode is not official (CWM)

          Does Triangle Away also reset the recovery mode?

          • Ok I didn’t understand what the binary thing means at first .. but I got it now, I’ve just reset it to official by Triangle Away

            So what about removing the CWM and wouldn’t the Binary become 1 after flashing the full stock firmware?

          • Slashing full firmware will restore the stock recovery
            No it won’t

  54. right i have a problem with the s3 i9300 ive tried all of the above installed latest android etc ive got the phone to boot but the imei number is wrong…. im guessing this is to do with the efs folder aswell…. ive tried your method with adb but when i get to the last step (mount -w -t ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p3) i get this message…. mount: can’t find /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 in /etc/fstab/

    Please really need help with this….. Thank you….

    • hey sam…did you manage to restore your IMEI ?? my s3 have the fake EMEI and SN …so I cant access the netwrk!..please help!

  55. maybe you can help, been suffering with this for some time.
    Process goes through up until last command line “mount -w -t ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p3”
    Return error …. cant find dev/block/mmcblk0p3 in /etc/fstab

    What do you suggest ?

  56. hi do i open the adb application? as when i do it runs through a huge cmd list and just closes on its own. . . . ??? Help

  57. hi Thanks for the adb method. Now I wan start my I9300 but I’ve got new problems….
    First on the phone desktop all the time I can see a ghost window with this informations
    PDA : I9300XXUGND5
    Phone : I9300XXUGNA8
    H/W : REV__
    RF Cal Date : none

    and I can’t activate my sim card.
    Do you know why?


    • What you mean by activating SIM card? you mean that you have no network?

      • Hi,
        Yes I can’t connect my phone on the network even if I can see the network’s level.
        I think it’s a probleme with the EFS phone configuration…

  58. hello,
    thank you very much, it worked

  59. hi , tnx for all,
    error :
    mount: can’t find /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 in /etc/fstab

    help me?
    but my device might display a screen with a yellow text
    pda :

    • Prashant Khanna

      I am getting the same error mount: can’t find /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 in /etc/fstab as yours. H
      How did you solve this problem. Please tell me.

  60. I don’t know why but I can’t reply directly to your post

    Anyway my phone model is GT-I9300
    Build Number I9300XXUGNB6

  61. Hello,

    Thanks for this great help. I’ve no experience at all with any of these things but I manage by search for solutions and tutorials in Google

    I got this problem (message) & the phone was stuck in the Samsung logo

    If the phone started (passed the Samsung logo) does it mean that the problem is solved? or I still need to do the adb shell?

    When I go to recovery mode the CMW interface is NOT showing this message:
    E:failed to mount /efs (Invalid argument)

    That’s why I’m asking if the problem is considered solved if the phone started normally!
    Note: I’ve rooted the phone just to remove the factory mode


    • CWM doesn’t show the error, you need stock recovery and you can get it by flashing stock recovery or flash full stock firmware.

      • I’ve flash a full stock firmware, that’s how I manage to solve the problem of being stuck at the Samsung Logo.

        So, doing this step (flashing stock firmware) alone solves the problem? or I still need to do the adb shell?

        The phone is working normally now.

        I just want to make sure that the efs problem is solved.

        Thank you

        • If your phone is working now you don’t need to do anything else.
          if the efs problem isn’t solved your phone will never pass Samsung boot animation

          • I’ve just discovered a new problem, I hope you can help me with that.

            The phone is not accepting the sim card (telecommunication sim) it shows (emergency calls only) in the place where the telecommunication company name should be.

            Is that related to the efs and how can I solve it?

            Thank you

          • Yes EFS partition is corrupted
            What is your phone model and build number?

  62. thank you very very much man. You actually saved my day!
    I can’t thank you enough!!

  63. Hi, when i try to “su” command in recovery mode in adb, it says /sbin/sh: su: not found. I followed every step before.Any help?

  64. Is it the same partition for Galaxy Note 2 N7100 ?

    Online search resulted in it might being mmcblk0p9
    I am not sure what damage it can make if I choose the wrong partition

  65. I have the same error on my samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0( p3110 ). What should I change in ADB commands ?

    Please reply.

  66. i dont have the mount system option in mounts and storage ..plese help me..!!!..i have galaxy s4 gti9500

  67. Thank you very much, it worked like a charm.

  68. Mahmoud Nabeel

    Works as charm!
    Thanks a lot

  69. One question: What if I don’t have the Mount and storage option?

  70. Hi I have the SGH-i747. It failed to finish a factory reset by dying right in the middle of it. When I tried to restart the phone, it had the “failed to mount” error.
    I tried rebooting, removing battery, & now I’m on the “adb” part of it. I’m not near a pc but I have my Galaxy Mega that I’m using now. The phone is only a year old and I promised it to someone in exchange for working on my car.
    My question is: can I use the Mega to send the info to the phone? It might be a dumb question but I need to bring the guy the phone right away. Thanks in advance.

  71. hello help mee !

    Is this gonna work with Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom SM-C101

  72. hello,

    Is this gonna work with Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G?

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