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How to Get Ride and Replace Kinguser with SuperSU App

Get Ride of KingUserRooting your Android phone using KingRoot method is very simple and easy, the process is just clicking a button and your device is rooted, but KingRoot App doesn’t use “SuperSu” App as  a Superuser access management tool it uses another App called “Kinguser”, not only this it install another Chinese App called “KingMaster”

Many people don’t feel fine with “Kinguser” and “King Master” installed on their devices as they are unknown Apps for Android users, So if you want to get ride and uninstall/replace “Kinguser” with “SuperSu” App, we will show you how to replace it and get rid of  “Kinguser” and related files.


  • Rooted Android device with Kinguser App installed.
  • Android Terminal Emulator App.
  • Es File Explorer App.
  • Replacing Kinguser with SuperSU tool ver 2.0, ver 2.4.

Replacing Steps:

  1. Download the required zip tool, install “Android Terminal Emulator” and “Es File Explorer”.
  2. Extract “Replace_Kinguser_with_SuperSU-vx.x.zip” to: /sdcrad/ directory.
  3. Open “Terminal Emulator” and type:
    suthen enter.
  4. Give root permission to the emulator by tapping Allow.
    Terminal Kinguser Permission
  5. Type:
    sh /sdcard/mrw/root.sh
    sdcard mrw root.shthen enter.
  6. Don’t touch your device and wait.
  7. Once done, SuperSu App will launch automatically, if not launch it manually.
  8. Update SU binary by tapping CONTINUE > NORMAL, don’t click TWRP/CWM, wait until it finish, then REBOOT your device.
    Update SU binaryRebooting isn’t required for Galaxy Note 4 and other devices which have temporary root (you will lose root access if you reboot your device).

Check your device’s App drawer, you will find that this tool replace Kinguser and related applications with SuperSU.
Download “Root Checker” App to check if your device still have root access or not.


  • If you lose root access after running the tool re-root your device using KingRoot tool.
  • Make sure you place “mrw” folder into /sdcrad/, if not it will not work.
  • su and sh /sdcard/mrw/root.sh must be typed in lowercase.
  • You can delete “mrw” folder after using it.
  • Check Google Play Store if there is update for SuperSU App to install it.
  • This tool should work on any device (HTC, LG, Sony, Samsung, …)

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  1. I tryed before other steps and the same mrw file but at the end I fount you topic by luck and it work 100000℅
    Thank you for the script and the SU is update success
    Thanx again u r the best 😉

  2. thanks dude…i love you a lot
    if you were in front of me i would have kiss you 😉
    just kidding

  3. Works perfectly!!! – Cube T7 –

  4. it says file not found i did all steps

  5. I am root with king root but I am follow steps to replace king user to super SU i am complete it but the king user not replace plzzzz help me

  6. It worked but first root check showed the tablet was not rooted. I stopped and restarted supersu. Apparently that was all what was required. Thanks a lot!

  7. Thanks, works like a charm, everything worked.

  8. Yo yo yo got another phone and it let me move it thanks alot for the tutorial cheers

  9. My phone will not allow me to copy the mrw folder to either my sdcard or internal storage. So how do I bypass that problem?

  10. This totally worked for me.
    I absolutely recommend this.

  11. Thanks bro works well in gionee e7 😉

  12. I am soooo greatful. Thanks a lot.

  13. Worked great on Landvo L550!

  14. Thank you so much.
    It Works!

  15. Thanks! SuperSU is a lot better than KingUser! I appreciate this!

  16. Finally! After 4 hours of strugling its finally done! Thank you!!!!

  17. Does anyone know if this will work with at&t i527 mega? Knox has been deleted and I did use kingroot to root , thanks.

  18. christian velasco

    please help me… installation failed when im installing su binary…

  19. As previously mentioned:

    “There is no binary installed and supsr su cant this is a problem”

    Tried using this to lose Kingo and replace with SuperSU on my Alps 02_jbla668 using Build 02_v89_jbla668_20131109

  20. Thank you for your How TO

    The script works, Kingroot is gone, SuperSu is installed, update is done.
    I changed the permissions in system -> xbin su to -rwsr-sr-x (6755).
    But after reboot root is gone.

    This is an Galaxy Grand prime 4.4.4

    Have you any idea ?

  21. Thanks! Successfully replaced KingUser with SuperSU after rooting my DigiLand dl701q. The terminal window showed a lot of “rm” commands failing, but the overall process succeeded in the end so all is good! The proof was SuperSU letting me deny KingUser’s request for root access after the reboot!

  22. Thanks, everything works with super su now. But can you tell me how to Uninstall the kingo superuser? i can Uninstall superSU but i can’t Uninstall Kingo super user.

  23. sreehari kodavalam

    After all stteps when comes to binry installation in. Super su its says installion failed 🙁
    Device samsung s2 duos 2

  24. There is no binary installed and supsr su cant this is a poblem what does it means


  25. My device automiticaly rebooted after doing that.Super su was replaced but binary updating was failed.

  26. Theres a way to stop losing root after re-boot?
    Please help
    Galaxy S4 4.4.4

  27. Un método mucho más sencillo para sustituir King user por Supersu, es instalando una aplicación que se encuentra gratuita en Play Store que se llama SuperSU_ me, instalar ejecutar y hace todo el proceso automáticamente, después se puede desinstalar sin problemas, espero que les ayude.

    • Muchas gracias amigo me sirvió enormemente tu comentario. Me evitaste hacer todo este procedimiento complicado. De verdad gracias

  28. Many Many Thanks Man, it Works…

  29. John Arren Maningo

    wow!!! work successfully thanks for the tut

  30. Thanks i really needed that and it worked with me 😀

  31. It worked perfectly in a Huawey Ascend Y530-U00.
    Followed the instructions, not a problem.

  32. I followed the procedure with my Samsung G360F.
    Super SU successfully updated and rooting was OK BUT (!!!) after rebooting the root is lost and I got a message from super SU saying “no su binary installed”

  33. Worked perfectly, Galaxy S4 I545 Lollipop

  34. Hi,
    If you have an sony Z1 c6903.
    Before launch script root.sh.
    You must change file system /system,/data and /lta-label with rw access.

    For change file system right in the terminal or with ssh from computer is easyer:

    mount -o rw,remount /system
    mount -o rw,remount /data
    mount -o rw,remount /lta-label

    Then run the script root.sh
    sh /sdcard/mrw/root.sh

    Application supersu try uninstall kinguser app.
    After that reboot your device the kinguser app removed and you launch supersu for sure and install it again from play store.

  35. Not working in Sony M2 dual…..

  36. Samsung galaxy prime plus.
    I followed tre procedure and after running the root.sh I noticed some of the rm commands failed. Nevertheless after completing the super su updating process i got the message of supersu successfully installed. the root with supersu is ok and kinguser and kingroot icons disappeared but after rebooting the root is lost.

  37. What is the zip file

  38. Works like a charm with Xperia Z2 5.0.2 ver 23.1.A.1.28

  39. its work on advan T1L but i cant backup my app with titanium backup, “insufficient
    free storage space”

  40. Works like a charm. Thank you so much

  41. Personnaly when i’m in terminal emulator, i had to write sh /storage/extSdCard/mrw/root.sh , for acces to the file in my sdcard , but when he is launched he found no one files ( as he search in sdcard/mrw )

  42. After changing kinguser to supersu, does my root disappear when i restart??i do have a problem tho.can we please talk privately?

  43. Nice tut, works perfectly on my Aquaris E4.5 Lollipop, tnkx

  44. when I make the transition from terminal is always restarts

  45. i have tried this but it aint working. the reminal shows some kind of failure and supersu app says there is no binary installed. can you please tell me what should i do?

  46. Thanks a lot. I saw this method in an other website,but it didn’t work. I wanted to try again and I came here. It works perfectly, I can’t believe my eyes! Thank you so much!

    Device: Sony Xperia Z, Android: 5.0.2

  47. Akim yang bijak sana

    If it not working on your device. Just install root explorer and make r/w to r/0 and go to terminal emulator and type “su” after that kinguser will request want allow or not just allow it and type this on the terminal emulator “sh /sdcard/mrw/root.sh”. After that you will go to supersu automaticly. After that just go to xbin find “su” and change the permission to -rwsr-sr-x . And go to supersu and update the binary and it will working.

    • Hi!can u give me the code or a detailed explanation as to how i can change the permission to rwsr sr x

      • Akim yang bijak sana

        Just go to root explorer -> system -> xbin and find su and hold press the su and then select permission and change the permission to -rwsr-sr-x

        • I would like to thank Aton for his hard work ur v 2.4 worked flawlessly .thank u very much my friend 🙂

      • Akim yang bijak sana

        After change the su permisson just go to supersu and it will request su binary update

      • I followed all ie instructions and it worked the first time but when I restarted no root so I did root again with the king root but now can’t get it to work even though I followed it instructions about rw-ro the only thing I have my done because I don’t have a clue about octal’s

        • Akim yang bijak sana

          Can you email me via wechat on whatsapp ? I will send screen shot theinstructions
          Wechat : synyster-47
          Whatsapp : 01137010786

    • Can you tell us what happened to your device without changing the permission to -rwsr-sr-x please? no su binary installed, installation failed, or no root after reboot?

    • How does one change from r/w to r/o?

  48. It is not worked for my lenovo A6000 with kitkat.

  49. Hi, it’s working, but then my phone is unrooted, tried to re root with kingroot and it says successfully, but when I check via root checker, I don’t have root access.
    Could you help me? Thank you

  50. Thank you for sharing this. It worked. Sony Xerox Z3 D6616.

  51. ZTE Blade S Lite

    Thanks for your description.
    I changed King to Supersu.
    Some commands (mainly remove app/king*) were not work. I uninstalled manually.
    But Thanks.

  52. On my LG G3 Stylus I had to modify a bunch of the directories in the script files so that they match my phone’s directories (like /sdcard/ -> /storage/external_SD/), and in step 5 run “sh /storage/external_SD/mrw/root.sh”. It printed some errors, but it worked.

    • But why you don’t place “mrw” folder in the internal storage of your device?
      Note: Make sure you place “mrw” folder into /sdcrad/, if not it will not work.

      • the /sdcard/ is on the internal storage. It is /sdcard1/ that is the external sd card. It’s misleading, I know

  53. I did as you said, but after doing all these steps my phone lost root access. then I re-root my phone. But then SuperSu couldn’t update binary and didn’t run.
    It’s very important for me to root my device because KingoUser don’t work properly. I grant requests by KingoUser but some of apps can’t access root. And when I install SuperSu manually, bot of these apps crash.

  54. Dear admin, when I install supersSU and grant Kingouser access in SuperSU the app in uninstalled automatically. No what do I do to keep both of them parallel as some apps request kingouser access

  55. It work perfectly i finally get rid of kinguser and i still have root. THANKS A LOT. 🙂

  56. Worked perfectly on Sony Xperia Z3 D6616 Lollipop OTA

  57. After I put su it says permission denied. Can someone help me?

  58. Work fine for my, in a ZTE Blade Apex2, finally i la replace the kinguser

  59. Is not working… i following every steps and when i finish i loosing my root acces also i cant remove kinguser app whats wrong ? can enyone help me plz ?

  60. thanks a lot. i successfully replace kinguser with supersu
    but i have a problem with titanium backup. it always stuck whenever i try to restore my backup apps.
    i never had this issue before. i’ve tried updating supersu, titanium backup but i got no luck
    any idea how to fix my problem?

    thanks before
    arigatou gozaimasu

  61. Can’t instal because different location. I try to instal manual in system/xbin and system/bin but can’t instal. My phone is sony xperia m2 dual, os 4.4.4. And root explorer can’t change to r/o. I think root with kingroot isn’t full root for my phone. 🙁 Thx

  62. done to change kinguser to supersu. thank you.
    But i have problem to instal busybox. Can u share how to fix the problem? thx.

    • You are welcome, can you tell me what is the problem with busy box?

      • I did exactly what was told but when i type in the sh /sdcard/mrw/root.sh it keeps telling me that the file is not found

        • finally it worked bjut i still cant delete the kingo user. wht nxt

        • I followed it all to the letter. I always get file not found in emulator. I have Acer Iconia A3-A20 I have already tried SuperSu ME that dosent work either. On to next idea if I can find anymore…..

          • Did you check if you have mrw folder on the internal storage?
            Did you change anything in that folder?
            Did you type the command line correct?
            Can you take scrrenshot of “file not found in” error?

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