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How to Unlock Google Nexus 5 Bootloader

Unlocking Nexus 5 bootloader is the first important step before starting to modify or flash custom images to your device, locked bootloader device will not allow you to write the internal memory or flash custom images ex: kernel, recovery, … to the partitions of the phone.

You can easily unlock Google Nexus 5 bootloader but it will void your phone’s warranty and also wipe all your data, in this tutorial we will learn you how to unlock bootloader for Nexus 5 and all Nexus devices also.

Requirements :

  • Nexus 5 phone or any other nexus device.
  • Installed fastboot and drivers for nexus devices.
  • Computer and USB cable.

Steps :

Backup all your data ex: contacts, messages, music, … this proceed will delete all.
You will need to check “Allow OEM unlocking” in developer options if you have Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.

  1. Turn off your Nexus 5 and boot it into fastboot/bootloader mode by holding volume down + power buttons.
  2. Plug the phone into your PC using cable.
  3. On your PC, Press and hold the “shift” button + right click in empty area in the folder which contains fastboot.exe file.
  4. Choose Open command windows here and type the following cmd to check the connection between your device and PC :
    fastboot devices

    Fastboot DevicesIf you see the serial number of your device mean everything is good and you are ready for the next step, if not mean you need to check the connection and reinstalling the drivers.

  5. Type the following cmd to unlock your Nexus 5 bootloader WARNING : this will delete everything
    fastboot oem unlock

    Fastboot oem unlock

  6. Your phone’s screen will display unlock bootloader confirmation message, highlight Yes using volume up then confirm the action using power button.Unlock Nexus5 Bootloader
  7. Type the following cmd to finish the proceed :
    fastboot reboot

    Now your phone will reboot into a screen with android logo for awhile and reboot normal.

  8. You can close the command prompt window and unplug your phone.

After applying all the steps, your Nexus 5 will end with unlocked bootloader and ready to flash custom images at anytime.

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