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Boot into Download, Fastboot, Recovery Mode Using ADB

All Android devices have different mode to boot (normal, recovery, fastboot/bootloader, Odin/download and safe mode). Some user can’t boot into recovery, fastboot/bootloader or Odin/download mode because they can’t/don’t know the correct keys to press or they have a broken key ex: vol key.
We will learn you how to boot into any mode using adb cmd without needing to press more buttons or having root access on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Requirements :

  • Working rooted or unrooted Android device
  • USB cable and PC
  • Installed your device USB driver
  • Android debugging bridge “adb”

Steps :

  1. Enable USB debugging on your android device.
  2. Install adb and USB driver for your device model Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, Google.
  3. Connect your device to PC by USB cable
  4. To boot into download mode for Samsung devices type in cmd window :
    adb reboot downloadreboot download
  5. To boot into bootloader mode for most Android devices type in cmd window :
    adb reboot-bootloaderreboot-bootloader
  6. To boot into recovery mode for all Android devices type in cmd window :
    adb reboot recoveryreboot recovery

Now you can start booting your phone into different mode without any problem and without using button even if your phone isn’t rooted.


  1. Lokesh prasad

    My lenovo k3 note got bricked so what should i do to unbricked my phone

  2. Hey guys my problem is that I am not able to stay on download mode for loag (just for half a secnd since i have got into boot loop)…….help please

  3. I have lava iris x5 & the problem with me is that i can’t boot my phone into recovery mode. i even tried to boot it into recovery using the particular buttons “vol +”+”home button” +”power key”. doing these all it just takes me to its homescreen. help me!!! even i can’t update my phone…

  4. so you mean l cant fastboot my android without enable debug mode

  5. I tried it all but when i press enter after the command it says “access is denied”. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Hi everyone i have a proplem when i flash twrp i go to wipe every thing and i install boot.img so i thing this i install clockworkmod recovery but i install fastboot so how can i back to twrp recovery thank you sorry for my bad english

  7. you are a lifesaver, my home button went out and this helped alot.

  8. Greetings! I have a samsung galaxy s6 S-G920F. I had a virus that kept popped up on my screen so I made a hard reset using vol. Up + power + home buttons. I made it succesfully. But the problems after I reboot my phone are
    1. I can’t download the different modes in the camera.
    2. Can not download themes under personal bar.
    3. Can not do factory data reset under back up and reset menu (If i push the reset device nothing is happening)
    4. If I turn the phone off the screen will be stocked at the samsung logo and flashing it every 1 minute or less.
    I’d waited like 30 minutes but it didnt went further so I have no choice but to do hard reset again. And the same problems

  9. i have lg volt i downloaded a app and my phone rebooted and it just shows a blank screen i tried everything please help

  10. salut bonne nuit, je suis du Brésil, je essayait de changer la rom mon android mais il y avait une erreur et maintenant mon téléphone redémarre tout le temps ne semble pas aucun message et ne peut pas entrer dans le mode de téléchargement. Que dois-je faire? merci

    • Charge your phone, then try to put it into download using hardware buttons (Volume down + Home + Power).

  11. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F, the fingerprint scanner is for some else’s credentials and I don’t have their login password etc. ADB is not an option as I cannot boot the phone to enable debuggin mode. I have tried all, methods of booting into recovery including Vul Up + Home + Power, this does not work.

    Please help! 🙂


  12. I have a Galaxy Note 4 (Sprint) and I just can’t get fastboot to work properly. ADB works perfectly but not fastboot. “Fastboot devices” returns nothing at all. “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” just stops at “”.
    Is there something special I need to do to get My GN4 into fastboot mode? Where am I going wrong?

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