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How to Configure Mobile Data Connection for Samsung Phones

You would like to be able to change the APN setting for your Samsung galaxy device?
You are traveling out of your country and don’t know the internet configuration of the service provider?
Your service provider doesn’t send you an Internet configuration message to your mobile phone?

Here is how to configure your mobile data or setup APN (Access Point Name) manually to be able to access the Internet connection as soon as you’ve inserted your SIM card into your Samsung galaxy mobile phone.

Steps :

  • Go to : Settings > More network > ¬†Mobile networks > Access Point Names.APN-1
  • Press on + to add a new APN profile.
  • Press on Name to give a name to the new profile.
  • Press APN and add the APN of your provider.
  • Add Username and Password of your service provider (not required for some providers)
  • Press on menu button and Save.
  • Activate the new APN profile.APN-2
  • Enable Mobile data : Settings > Data usage > Mobile dataHotspot-1

How to know the APN configuration of your service provider ?

  • Go to this link : www.unlockit.co.nz
  • Choose the country and service provider.
  • Click on Select Carrier to show you the settings of Data, MMS and WAP services.
  • Copy and Paste to the new APN profile.Unlockit

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