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One Click Root Samsung Galaxy S6 (KNOX: 0x0) | PingPong Root

PingPong Root For Galaxy S6Samsung has just start selling their latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 the last month (Apr 2015), after few days xda developer “@chainfire has made CF-Auto-Root files for most variant of Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920*) except locked bootloader Galaxy S6 devices (AT&T SM-G920A and Verizon SM-G920V).

But now and after 4 weeks root has been achieved on all Samsung Galaxy S6 models without exception, mean Verizon and AT&T Galaxy S6 is also supported by using an application called “PingPong Root” thanks to xda member “@idler1984.

PingPong Root App is a very simple application (the same as towelroot) that you install on your device like any other App, PingPong App will not only install root files on locked bootloader devices but you will root any Samsung galaxy S6 without tripping KNOX counter (KNOX: 0x0) and without computer.



  1. Download and install PingPong Root App on your galaxy S6 device.
    If you get Install blocked popup screen, go to: Settings > Lock screen and security then enable Unknown sources.
  2. Open PingPong Root Application.
  3. It will automatically install SuperSu App, accept installation, Open it once.
  4. Back to PingPong App, Tap Download Data button.
  5. Now, Press Get root! button.
    PingPong Root Get Root Button
  6. After few seconds you will get a popup message “Root done, it is recommended to reboot your device NOW” to inform you that your phone is now rooted.
  7. Hit OK, then reboot your device.
    If you don’t have root access, try it again then reboot your device one more time.

To verify the root access on your Samsung Galaxy S6 install “Root Checker“ App, then launch it to hit verify root.

For T-Mobile users do NOT give root access permission to any t-mobile’s bloatware Apps if you accept that, T-Mobile will know that your device is rooted and cancel your device’s warranty.

Supported Galaxy S6 devices and builds:

Galaxy S6 Model AP / Build Number
AT&T               SM-G920A UCU1AOCE | UCU1AOE2
Cricket             SM-G920AZ TUU1AOD1
International  SM-G920F OBN | OCV | OCW | OCY | OCZ | OD4 | OD8 | OD9 | ODE |
Australia         SM-G920I OBQ | OC4 | OC6 | OD1 | OD2 | OD3 | OE2 | OE3 | OE4
Sprint              SM-G920P VPU1AOCF | VPU1AOE2
US Cellular     SM-G920R4 TYU1AOCB | TYU1AOD3
T-Mobile         SM-G920T UVU1AOCG
Metro PCS      SM-G920T1 UVU1AOCH
Verizon            SM-G920V VRU1AOC3 | VRU1AOE2
Canada            SM-G920W8 VLU1AOCG | VLU1AOE1
China               SM-G9208 ZMU1AOCI | ZMU1AOD5 | ZTU1AOE4
China               SM-G9209 KEU1AOCI | KEU1AOD5 | KEU1AODA
Korea               SM-G920K KKU1AODC
Korea               SM-G920L KLU1AODC
Hong Kong     SM-G9200 ZHU1AOD3 | ZHU1AOD9 | ZHU1AOE4 | ZCU1AOD5 |

Call: *#1234# to check your device’s AP/Build number.


  • Rooting might set your device’s status to modified.
  • Use PingPong Root App at your own risk.
  • PingPong Root tool developers are working on more Galaxy S6 variants and other build, they are also working on Galaxy S6 Edge variants (it’s available now).
  • This rooting method will install Kinguser App not SuperSu, Fixed now it will install SuperSu App instead of Kinguser.

Source: 1
Update: new beta version to get ride on Kinguser App

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  1. when will it be available for G20FXXU3COI9 please?

  2. When will it be available for G920F 2BOFJ ? (Gemany, Switzerland, Austria, France…)

  3. When will it be available for G920F 2BOFJ XEO or TPH?

  4. Hello. How can you unroot the s6 for OTA downloads ?
    after unroot , the mobile returns to the “official” state?


  5. Any suggestions on dealing with unsuccessful OTA updates after rooting with PingPong?

    • Do you have problem downloading OTA or installing OTA?

      • Thanks, it’s at install time actually. It downloads fine, then it reboots to begin install and is unsuccessful. It doesn’t do anything bad at that point, aside from not installing, it just boots into the o/s like normal.

  6. Does it work on 1AOE1 version for Canadian phones?

    • It should work for all build number until OE6

      • Would you have an idea of why my galaxy s6 edge restarts when i click get root?

        • a. Clean up background process.
          b. Launch “Pingpong Root” then click “Download Data”.
          c. Switch on flight mode.
          d. Click “Get root”

          Still rebooting?
          Backup your data and factory reset your phone.

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