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[Guide] How to UnLock HTC One M8 BootLoader

Unlocking bootloader for some android devices is important for rooting and install custom files like recoveries, kernels, …

One of these devices is HTC phones, if you would like to root or modify the system, you have to unlock your phone’s bootloader first before performing any process. today we will show you step by step how to unlock HTC One M8 bootloader on Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Before starting :

  • Make sure your phone is charged over 60%
  • Backup your data, unlocking bootloader will wipe all your files.

Requirements :

  • Registered account on HTCDev.com
  • Enabled USB debugging under developer options.
  • Disabled Fast boot under battery manager.
  • Original USB cable
  • HTC USB Drivers
  • ADB and Fastboot

Steps :

  1. Sign in to your “HTCDev” account
  2. Click on Unlock Bootloader
  3. Select your device, then Begin Unlock Bootloader.UnLock-HTC-One-M8-bootLoade
  4. Check box of Legal Terms, then Proceed to Unlock Instructions.
  5. In the next page, scroll down and hit Proceed
  6. In the next page scroll down and stop …
  7. Restart your phone into fastboot mode Volume down + Power button.
  8. Highlight FASTBOOT using Volume button and confirm it using Power button.
  9. Connect your HTC One M8 to PC by USB cable.
  10. In ADB folder, Press Shift + Right click in empty space and click Open command window here.
  11. Type the the following command :
    fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  12. It will display the identifier code of your phone.
  13. Copy the whole code from <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> to <<<< Identifier Token End >>>> , Make sure you the highlighted section ONLY, do NOT copy anything else.
  14. Right click in CMD window, click Mark to select the code and enter or right click to copy it.UnLock-bootLoader4
  15. Go back to step 6 and paste the selected code in My Device Identifier Token box and hit Submit.UnLock-bootLoader5
  16. Go to your registered email address, HTC will send you an email with your unlock code as attachment file “Unlock_code.bin“, download it.
  17. Copy Unlock_code.bin file to ADB folder.
  18. Open command window step 10.
  19. Type the following command :
    fastboot flash unlocktoken Unclock_code.bin
  20. Your M8 will display unlock bootloader confirmation, Choose Yes using volume up and confirm using power button, this will void your phone’s warranty.UnLock-bootLoader7

Now you have unlocked bootloader HTC One M8, and is ready for rooting and installing custom recovery or kernel at any time.

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