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How to Root LG G2 [All Variants] on Windows, Linux, Mac

If you have an LG G2 phone and would like to get root access easily without wiping any data from your phone, we will provide you a step by step guide for learning you how to root LG G2 easily.

By rooting your LG G2, you will be able to improve your phone’s performance by installing third party apps that require root permission, you can also uninstall bloatware, install a custom recovery and more …

Requirements :

  • Download and install LG USB driver on your PC.
  • Download and Extract iorootxx.zip file into a folder on your desktop.
  • Windows, Linux or Mac PC.
  • Original USB cable.

Pre-Rooting :

  • Enable USB debugging on your phone (Settings > developer options > USB debugging)
  • Put your phone into airplane mode.

Steps :

  1. For windows : Open ioroot22 folder and double click on root.bat file.Root LG G2 by iORootFor Linux : cd into IOroot folder -> chmod +x root.sh -> ./root.sh
    For Mac : cd into /IOroot/mac folder -> chmod +x root.sh -> ./root.sh
  2. Connect your phone to PC and set USB connection mode to Charge mode, and Ethernet for Verizon users.
  3. Press any key on your computer’s keyboard to start rooting process.
  4. A popup message will ask you to allow USB debugging, Mark “Always from this computer” check box, then hit OK.
  5. Toggle USB connection mode from Charge to MTP, then back again to Charge or unplug USB cable from phone then re-plug, when you see the following screen.Root G2 by iORoot
  6. Press Enter on your PC to continue the process
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Now your LG G2 is rooted, and you should see SuperSU app on your phone’s app drawer.

Notes :

  • Rooting process for LG G2 will void its warranty, so make sure that you really want to do this before proceeding.
  • There is no data loss during this process, however to be safe, perform a backup of your files before starting.
  • After finishing this procedure, you will find a backup of the EFS partition of your phone into the ioroot folder on your PC.
  • This procedure is safe and we have tried it many times, but we can’t guarantee that it’s 100% safe, so use this at your own risk.

Supported LG G2 Models :

  • D800 – D80010d/D80010o/D80010q
  • D801 – TMO, CLR, WND, VTR
  • D802 – All 4.2.2 FW
  • D803 – All 4.2.2 FW
  • D805 – All 4.2.2 FW
  • D806 – All 4.2.2 FW
  • F320K (Shipping ROM)
  • F320K – F320K20a/20f
  • F320L (Shipping ROM)
  • F320L – F320L20b/20e
  • F320S (Shipping ROM)
  • F320S – F320S20a/20g
  • Sprint LS980 – All 4.2.2 FW
  • Verizon VS980 – All 4.2.2 FW

Links :

  • LG USB driver Link Verizon Driver Link
  • iOroot Link (located at the end of the post)

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  1. What does the following line mean for us newbies.
    For Mac : cd into /IOroot/mac folder -> chmod +x root.sh -> ./root.sh

    Please outline what I do. Do I get a physical CD to put into the CD drive of my mac? what does cd into mean? Is it that I download something and then look into a file I’ve downloaded? what do I do at chmod? what does +X root.sh mean do I click on it? please what do these symbols mean I should do?

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