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How to Exit Factory Mode for Samsung Galaxy Devices

FactoryModeIf your device display a annoying transparency black background which contains some info about your device (PDA, Phone, CSC, H/W, Camera, …) in yellow text … and lock screen is not working, mean that your device is in factory mode.

“Factory Mode” is enabled if the EFS partition is corrupted because of installing custom ROMs, bad Mods or downgrading your current system version or after you succeeded in fixing the EFS partition.

Requirements :

Steps :

  1. Open “ES File Explorer” and press on the top left icon
  2. Go to Tools and turn on “Root Explorer”es root file explorer
  3. Go to Local > / Device > efs > FactoryApp and open factorymode as text in “ES Note Editor”
  4. Change it from OFF to ON and save it
  5. Open keystr as text in “ES Note Editor”, change it from OFF to ON and save it
  6. Reboot

Or :

  1. Install “Terminal Emulator
  2. Type : su
  3. Type : rm /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
    rm /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
    echo -n ON >> /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
    echo -n ON >> /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
    chown 1000.1000 /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
    chown 1000.1000 /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
    chmod 0744 /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
    chmod 0744 /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode
  4. You can also exit factory mode and remove the annoying message without root, but it won’t fix it :
  5. Go to Settings > Application manager > All
  6. Search Factory Test and “Clear data”, “Clear cache”

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  1. Thank you very much

  2. thank u so much admin i really appreciate ,……..but the problem is imei “00499…..” the model is i9300 v4.3
    solution pls ….thank you in advance

  3. thank youu..but still have problemm…the problem is not registred on networkk

  4. thank youu
    my phone is back to normal alreadyyy’

  5. I’ve tried flashing a stock ROM and rooted it but still FactoryApp is still missing, how do I exit factory mode?

  6. Thanks whew ididnt know wat to do now my galaxy pocket is back to nomal

  7. sir,
    I Tried to flash the I9300_NF1_Modem to my s3 i9300 but no luck,, the imei is still 0049?

  8. sir,
    I Tried to flash the I9300_NF1_Modem to my s3 i9300 but no luck,, the imei is still 0049? how can i restore the original imei of my unit?

  9. my pbrlm is that when I use stock ROM it shows that yellow box info but wen i m on custom ROM to don’t show any thing like that but lockscreen not work
    I just wwant to know that to only work on stock Rom either it will work on custom also

  10. thank you it work FOR ME

  11. I have a samsung gt-s6310 and I have the same problem and when I downloaded ES Root Explorer and clicked the Root Explorer it said that my device isn’t supported for this action. I tried the second option as well but it didn’t work.

  12. I have all problem of this. Factory mode is on , not work lock screen . And can’t make a call. No registered network. Factory mode I can off factory test and clash data but still not work lock and call. Please help me, My phone is note 2. GT-N7100

    • What is your device’s build number?

      • The build number is = JSS15J.N7100XXUEMl6
        i can fix it with ES file EXplorer , the lock screen also work..
        still problem is can’t make a call. ” not registered on network ”
        please .. help me..

  13. Thank you so much. The first method ( ES Explorer) method solved my problem.

  14. Pls how do u turn off the Knox County in download mode to be able to flash custom roms and to be able to root Samsung Galaxy S3

  15. I don’t even have the option to download any apps on my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone… the black box with yellow letters is there, our carrier sent it back like this, TWICE IN A ROW!! It seems they aren’t helping us any either. there isn’t any of the usual samsung apps….just weird ones i’ve never ever seen before. HELP!

  16. A slightly faster solution is to run, this which will not need to alter permissions or change the file owner:

    echo -n ON > /efs/FactoryApp/keystr
    echo -n ON > /efs/FactoryApp/factorymod

  17. thanks alot admin !!!!it worked and I’m really happy but one problem is that my imei has been reset to 00000 as a result I’m unable to to get registered on a network
    My phone model is shv-E210k …please help me

    • Flash THIS by Odin3

      • I have done that but my imei is still 0000000. my android version is 4.3 korean android but i9300(shv-E210k)
        I tried using z3x tool but it doesn’t recognize my phone, thus it does not even start for me to do something …..please help me I really need my network

  18. I have the same issue and on a Note 4 Tmobile. Anyone know a fix?

    Thank You. Probably will need the PIT and AP/CP/BA or whatever files, anyone know a link to get them from?



  19. Hi ,My device is note 4 and I want use first method but there is tow folder in efs folder (imie & lost+find)and there is not eny file in them.my device is rooted

    • Make sure your root explorer app have root permission (step 2)
      I’m sure you don’t have this problem (factory mode) because its fixed on the latest update for Samsung devices

  20. Melissa Fredricks

    Thank you so much!! I turned off factory mode in settings, so happy that annoying screen is gone!

  21. thanks a lot. my note is working fine again. you can use terminal emulator by rooting n5100 using cwm recovery.

  22. these solutions not work samsung s5 g900f.
    any other solution.

  23. Thank you! I have used this last method:

    Go to Settings > Application manager > All
    Search Factory Test and “Clear data”, “Clear cache”

    and it works!

  24. I followed your tutorial and everything worked perfectly.
    Thank you very much.
    I still have the problem that the phone says “Not registered on the network”
    So I can not make or receive calls.
    If you can help me I will be very grateful.
    model number : GT-I9300
    build number : JSS15J.I9300XXUGMK6

    • Flash this file by Odin3 in AP or PDA section.

      • I tried to flash that file to my phone but the network’s still

      • I tried to flash the file but it didn’t work.
        I still have the problem not registered on network.
        i tried to find a solution on ” youtube ” but non work.
        but when I tried to backup the EFS it say”nv_data.bin not found in backup!!!”
        am not sure but i think messing nv data is the problem.
        is there a way to fix this???

        • You have backup file?

          • No.
            that is the problem i don’t have a backup
            I didn’t realize how important the backup till now.
            is there a way to fix it without backup??????

          • Look for your serial number under the battery, write it to the paper. Install Samsung Kies 3 on your PC. Connect the phone by original USB cable. Use Tools\Firmware Upgrade and Initialisation. Input GT-I9300 in the box, Next, write your serial number, then Ok, Ok. Wait for your phone will be fully restored.

          • Here is what you are talking about LINK

      • i tried with odin but it just says failed

  25. I just try this but its not work on my phone. Also my lock & power button menu missing !! Please help me. plz

  26. Plz help me the folder factory app is not there I can’t find it I also tried the other method but it just keep sayin it cannot do it there is no such folder or directory plz help me

  27. What can I say? You guys rock. I followed your instructions to the “T” and you saved me the trouble of sending it back to Samsung since they stated the only way to fix the “Factory Mode” one of their own techs sent me in on my Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet was to ship it back to them for flashing. Best Buy Samsung Experience couldn’t even fix it. A million thanks again!

  28. It works perfect

  29. ES file explorer worked perfectly thanks a mill.

  30. Thank you very much, second one is worked

  31. My root explorer cant turn off i recently formatted and fix with odin because it was stuck with the samsung logo but my efs are now empty and the terminal explorer also says that not permitted can you help me admin? :((

  32. first I wanna thank u all cause I recovered from boot loop due to your instruction. & I think your’s site is only site helping efs related problem
    now my problem is
    that the phone says “Not registered on the network”

    I m using Samsung galaxy tab 2 gt p3100

    & build no.:-JDQ39.P3100XXDMG6

    plz help with modem file in this regard or suggestion

    thank in advance

  33. Plz help i have galaxy s5 and I have nothing in efs folder I try with es file root, root explorer and terminal emulator but the same problem!!!
    And I haven’t transparency black background but when I out on my phone I have message “factory mod is on please change the mode to user before verification”!!!!!

  34. Hi,
    Please help. I usually turn of my samsung note 8 when I am charging it. When I checked if it already full charge, I’m surprised that this message appears on my tab “factory mode, downloadinh, do not turn off target” Its been more than an hour, but it still not opening. Please help 🙁

  35. works like a charm….you people rock! keep up the great work!

  36. works like a charm….you people rock! keep up the great work!

  37. Thanks Big Time! Saved my phone

  38. Hi ive been trying to root my galaxy ace II GT I8160 on gingerbread. for nearly two weeks now but i cant install any zips. Through 3e recovery because of e-signature failed in blue but says install package after it not abort. Is there any way of removeing the e-sig or downgrading to 2e recovery or even installing cwm all without a pc thoughany helpbwould certainlyvget u a donation if it works. This is a NON ROOTED device by the way

    Thanks in advance (please help im a man in the edge of greatness just breing held back lol)

    • The error appears because of you are trying to install unsigned file using stock recovery, you need custom recovery for installing unsigned zip files and it will not happened without PC

  39. Hey Admin! I face a big problem.
    I lost the efs, i recovered with your methods, flashed the NF1 modem and still no signal, no IMEI, nothing.
    I tried a lot of things, tutorials, stock roms, custom roms, formatiing the efs… still… nothing, i spet at least 24 h trying to fix it.
    Is there any solution ?

    Here you got some data:

    AP: i9300xxuGNG3
    CP: i9300BUGNF1

    IMEI begins with 0049

    Serial number is present 4DF19….

  40. I followed your tutorial and everything worked perfectly.
    Thank you very much.
    I still have the problem that the phone says “Not registered on the network”
    So I can not make or receive calls.
    If you can help me I will be very grateful.

    model = gt-i9300
    build number = jz054k.193000ubemh2

    please help me 🙁

  41. hello thanks a lot!

    it worked whit root explorer

  42. hi,

    rm failed for /efs/FactoryApp/keystr, no such file or directory

    help me?

  43. I followed your tutorial and everything worked perfectly.
    Thank you very much.
    I still have the problem that the phone says “Not registered on the network”
    So I can not make or receive calls.
    If you can help me I will be very grateful.

  44. why i have nothing in efs folder?

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